Train your brain

  Probably you have heard the term prefrontal cortex (PFC) before, but what does it do and why is it so important? The prefrontal cortex is a part in our brain which is located right behind our forehead. It is the so called executive part of our brain and is responsible for things like problem-solving, … Continue reading Train your brain

The illusion of perfection

In my last blog-post I wrote about treating people around you well and about taking time for them. However today I wonder why it is often easier for us to be nice to other people than to be nice to ourselves. Let’s take an example out of a team sport, if a teammate makes a … Continue reading The illusion of perfection

Why you should make someone’s day

  In today’s society where everything is about performance and success, there is this constant pressure of time. So everybody is always hurrying from appointment to appointment and from day to day, so why should I take valuable time out of my day to make someone else’s day? Just to make mine even more stressful? … Continue reading Why you should make someone’s day

The magic of the moment

What does a musician think while performing live on stage in front of thousands of people? Or an athlete when he is capable of delivering his best performance in a competition? The right answer is, nothing. They are so focused and practiced all of that so many times, they don’t have to think anymore, they … Continue reading The magic of the moment